Sermon 12/1/18

Transcript of the 12/1/18 Sermon

Praise the name of the lord hallelujah.

We read today during the lessons Genesis chapters 37 through 40. My word today is coming from these chapters. I am going to briefly go through what we read today and then we will go into the word. In those chapters we notice how God showed Joseph that his family would bow down to him. But Joseph was wondering how come, with this dream that God revealed to me, how come everyone is doubting me? How come my brother planned to kill me? Then, when they couldn’t kill him because the whole estate was in the plague, they decided to sell him to the Ishmaelites. How come God promised Joseph a successful future, yet all of this is happening to him? How come he was sold to Potiphar, an officer of the pharaoh, then right there he became the head of Potiphar’s house? In the middle of all these trials and obstacles he became the head of Potiphar’s house. Then the wife of Potiphar tried to lie and have a relationship with Joseph and Joseph said no this is not right. This is not what God wants. Your husband respects me I will not lie with you. What did the wife do? She lied against Joseph and framed him, this caused Joseph to be put in prison. God promised Joseph a successful lifestyle and yet he was going through all of this. Let’s continue, Joseph was in prison but Joseph was favored and loved by the officers of the prison, he was in charge of all the prisoners, he was the one looking over the prisoners. How come? How come Joseph had to go through all of this, because Joseph was bad? No. Is it because he was a wicked man? No. This is the plan and the path that God wants Joseph to go through. Praise God. And then, Joseph had a gift, God gave him a gift. They called Joseph a dreamer. God gave him the wisdom and understanding of the dream. The gift to interpret a dream through the power of the holy spirit. Do you remember what he said to the fellow prisoners that he got from the dream? He said it’s not me that’s going to interpret but the holy spirit. So right there in prison he uses his gift. Joseph had the gift from the beginning and God promised him that particular gift would make him succeed. The dreamers gift,to interpret a dream through the power of the holy spirit and it will come true. Praise God. He interpreted the dream of two prisoners and it came true. My people of God I want us to turn to Genesis 39. Verse 21-23. Praise God. It says “21 the Lord was with him; he showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden. 22 So the warden put Joseph in charge of all those held in the prison, and he was made responsible for all that was done there. 23 The warden paid no attention to anything under Joseph’s care, because the Lord was with Joseph and gave him success in whatever he did”. Even through his difficult times and trials God was with him, Praise God. My people of God, I want you to say to your neighbor, “Neighbor, what is God’s plan and purpose for your life?” Praise the name of the Lord. We say God has a plan for me, but there are a lot of times that we Christians, we followers of Yeshua Jesus Christ ask these questions. If God has promised me blessings and prosperity why did I lose my loved one, why am I in such pain, why did I lose my job, why did I lose my children or husband or wife, why am I homeless and alone, why are my children astray? God said he had promised me success, prosperity, and a better life. Some of us ask questions like why is everyone against me wherever I go, I don’t even have to open my mouth and they hate me. When I open my mouth they hate me more. Why? Why is there chaos and confusion, diseases and sickness wherever I go? Why am I so sad and in pain all the time? Why do I sometimes feel like killing myself when God has promised me blessing, prosperity, and good health? Why? The answer is to look for God’s plan for your life. Say to your neighbor, “ Look for God’s plan for your life.” Praise the name of the lord. We need to look for God’s plan for our life. This is the first day of the last month of the year 2018, we are walking in to a new year. The coming year God has promised us blessings but it is going to be a year of wonders. For us, we need to look for God’s plan for our lives. We need to research, go into the word of God to find out what you need to do, to find out what God has planned for you. Praise the name of the Lord. Others that are blessed still have questions, different questions. I have everything, everything is going my way, a home, a wife or husband, good children, a good job, everything. Why am I not happy? Why am I sometimes sad? Why do I feel bored? Like something is missing. Go searching for God’s plan for your life going into 2019. 2019 should be a year where your search for the purpose and the reason why God created you. Praise God. How can we search? How can you and I search for God’s purpose for our lives? Number one, we talk to god, we learn to work with God, developing a relationship with Yeshua Jesus Christ. Christianity is about your relationship with Jesus Christ Yeshua. It’s about the lifestyle of Yeshua. Christ did not sit down, he went out teaching, healing, preaching, loving, caring, and then with that love he died for us to be set free from all our inequities. That was the lifestyle of Yeshua Jesus Christ. You must seek to know him. 2019 is a year where you go searching for the purpose and reason why God created you.

First thing you can do in your search is to talk to him, seek to know him, not just the word only. Not just read the bible and know the word, but seek to know your God. Spend time in his word, create a bible study in your home, in your church, in your community. Study the word of God. Take time to pray, record your prayers, pray in your car, in your working place, with your client, keep on praying and praying and praying. Spend time in the name of the Lord. You want to get to know him. This coming year we need to get to know our God. What is his plan for us? Not our plan that we hand over to him but his plan for us. Take every opportunity and get involved in the church. God himself, Yeshua himself, will see your discipline. He will begin the first step to reveal his plan for your life, praise the name of the Lord. Get to know your God.

The second thing you can do, surrender your will to God. Let it be God’s will not your will. Many times we fail when we seek God’s will, we say okay God here’s what I’m planning to do. Now I need you to understand this request and make it fast. In other words we are telling God what we want him to do. Instead of asking for his will for our lives. He created us for a purpose. God wants us to surrender everything to him. Don’t come before God with a plan B, come before him to surrender everything to him. When you come with a plan B you’re telling God well if you’re working slow I can get it done my way. Our God of Abraham, of Isaac, of Israel, is not a God that negotiates. He gives instructions, and he listens to his children. He wants to see his children obey his instructions. Praise God. Remember, when you come to God, your creator, all mighty God, he knows what your intentions are. He knows what you’re thinking, planning, and what will be your reaction. When you are coming to God to find out what his plan is do not have a plan B. Surrender everything to him. Ask him, God what is your will for my career? God what is your will for my family? God what is your will for my finances? God what is your will for this community? God what is your will for EVERYTHING that I have and EVERYWHERE that I find myself? What is your will for ME? When he sees that you’re ready, he begins to show you the will. Be straight forward with your God because he knows you inside and out. Our God never plays. Praise God.

The third thing you can do if you want to know the will of God for your life this coming year, you have to obey him. Obey what you already know, to be God’s will. What do we already know? The word of God. We read the word of God, we know what God wants, we know he wants us to follow his commandments and statutes so that we will be blessed. He gave us options. He said he is not going to force you into doing anything. He wants to deal with his obedient children, he wants his disobedient children to repent and turn around. Praise God. You want to know God’s plan? You need to begin to obey the word of God. What did Christ say? Do you want to go to heaven? Do you want to obey and love your God with all your heart, soul, and mind? Love your neighbor as yourself! If you can love your God you will do what he asks you to do. If you love your God you will obey his instructions and commandments. If you love your God you will have no other God but him. Sometimes we say having other God is images. No sometimes our houses, our money, or our loved ones become God, because we put them before God. You put them in the place of you serving your God. You say I can’t go to church I’m having a good time with my spouse, or I can’t go to church I’m spending time with my kids. God gave you that spouse, God gave you those children, obey him and serve him, let his will be done in your life. Love your God with all your heart, mind and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself. If you love your neighbor as yourself you will not try to destroy and hate them. You will not try to bring them down, you will not try to sabotage them, you will not try to kill, steal, take away their loved ones from them or anything that belongs to them. You will honor your mother and your father because your God has said it. It is your responsibility.

Number four, seek Godly input. You want to know God in your life? You have to have a Godly mentor. Somebody that knows and obeys the word. He or she lives the lifestyle of Yeshua Jesus Christ so that when you come with your problems, sick, and seek the power of the holy spirit your questions are answered through the power of the holy spirit. Have a mentor in your life.

Number five, pay attention to how God created you. Pay attention to the gifts that God gave you. Remember Joseph, Joseph was given a gift, a gift of interpretation of dreams. Dreaming revelations that God has given to him. That’s how Joseph was blessed. With that blessing he was able to bless his entire family. As God promised, his family ended up bowing to him, looking up to him. That’s what God had revealed to him. What’s your gift that God has put in you? Are you taking the gift and suppressing it? God has given each and every one a gift to perform special duties. Every gift is different from each other. We all have a unique gift that God has put in us for us to prosper. To bless him first, to bless ourselves, and to bless others. God has given us the gift. We need to look into ourselves and see the thing that God has put in us. That is different. Why is it you have some people that have the gift yet they can’t even see the gift? Their attention is on other things, they are not seeking the purpose that God has created them for. Seek and search for God’s plan and purpose this coming year, he has given each and every one of us a gift. Stop looking at others, saying things like “Oh John has business. I can have a business, I’m smarter than John.”. Is that what God gave you? You say “ Oh he has a truck. I can have a truck.”. Did God want you to have one? “ Oh she has a job. I should have a job.” Is that what God wants for YOU? What is God’s purpose and plan for YOU. Go search, go talk to your God. Go seek him and you will know the purpose for you. Tap into that special gift that he has given you and you will know his purpose for your life. You know, talking about gifts, I remember when I was in nursing school, I was working for a hospital in New Jersey. I was sitting at a desk, I was first a nursing assistant, and then one day they came to me and said do you want to come help us do phlebotomy, like drawing blood for patients, we can train you. I said sure. So they took me and trained me, then they said hey were short on unit secretaries can you help us out? Can you help us taking out the orders and calling for medications and running the floor? Sure I said, and they trained me. Never did I know that when I became a registered nurse that this would come in handy. You see God put us on paths to an end result. I was doing all these jobs little by little. Working at the ICU, drawing blood I was doing my thing, starting my IV, I’m looking at my doctor’s order, implementing it. 1,2,3 into the computer because God has put me on that path. He put me through the path not get some money during nursing school but for the end result after school. I thank God for the gift that he has given me. He has given each and every one of us a gift. Some of us not only have one but have five or ten or two or three gifts. Tap into the gifts that God has given to you. Take those Gifts to God and say God this is the gift I think I have, what is your plan for me? Not God I want you to do this, and this and this and I’m waiting for you but I have a plan B. God doesn’t negotiate with mankind. He gives instruction, he listens to us. He wants obedience and humility. He doesn’t want you to come before him with a proud spirit, he will wait for you to make business with him. Our God is all powerful, he knows what you are thinking, feeling, planning at every second of the day. You cannot negotiate with your God. The only thing he asks of us is to obey him, search for the plan that he has for your life. It is for Good, and not for evil.

Finally my brethren, listen to the holy spirit for your plan. We talk to him, recite the holy scriptures and do what he asks us to. We look for that unique gift that he has put in us. We begin to use that gift for him, for us, and for others. Now it’s time when you talk to him to also listen to the holy spirit. How? A lot of time we come into the house of God and say God, can you do this or this, can you please, can you, can you, can you, fix this God, and on and on and on. Yet we never listen. We never take time to stop talking and listen to God. Have time to meditate after you finish praying. Get a piece of paper and pen when you are finished praying take 5 to 10 minutes to listen to your heart and whatever God says to your heart through the holy spirit write it down. Then begin to implement it. God is not going to come down all high and mighty to talk to you, and give you the answer. He is going to speak through your heart, through the power of the holy spirit. Listen to the holy spirit and all will be well.

2019 is a year of wonders, God wants you to go searching for the plan he has for you. Go search and all will be well.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah. Our God is mighty, our God is ready to help us anytime we need.

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