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Why do we want people to donate?

For the Church we need donations for building maintenance, towards the radio station so we can spread our message and teaching to even more people to spread the Gospel. We want to open an adult school to educate the adults who need it. Illiteracy among homeless people is a huge problem that we are trying to cure.

One of our biggest reasons is our CCDM Sierra Leone Mission which includes the school and home for children. It is a vocational and agricultural school but as of right now agriculture is the main focus. We are looking at doing the hydro gardening for the school so that we can produce our own vegetables, rice, you name it. We need agriculturists that we can work with to show those in need how to provide their own food and maintain livestock for basic survival. We need water supplies, including faucet, tap water, flush toilet, showers. Also a proper Kitchen area where they will be able to prepare essential food for survival of the children of the school and the boarding home. We need more buildings and classrooms for the children, including an activity hall with rooms for our labs. Labs including science lab, computer lab, and a library(books). Any basic need we are trying to meet, even items like benches and tables for the children at the school. Donations go towards food sponsors for the orphan girls which we are actively seeking.

You can donate ten dollars or more, a block to build is ten dollars. You can even do month to month block donations. With more and more donations coming in we can begin to put up the buildings. We have the space, we have acres of land in Hastings and we want to improve it. Anything from putting up more buildings (there is not enough actual buildings for the amount of people in need), to sponsoring a child, the job is huge.


-Ron Carter-

“My name is Ron Carter, when I was going through difficult times in my life I found myself living at Union Gospel Mission! One Saturday when I was sitting outside of the mission trying to figure out the next step I should do to try and get a place to live along with a job and recovering from my alcohol addiction. The next thing I know two men walked up to me and offered a solution to my problems in which I would be given an opportunity to participate in a church setting. The next thing I knew the Pastor of the Church asked me if I would like to stay and she would offer to assist me in finding work and housing. I was given a new home in Apple Valley away form the unhealthy and destructive environments that were harmful to me. By having this opportunity I was able to complete my outpatient and aftercare programs and this allowed me to open my feelings to others about my past life and where God has brought me today! And all this would have never happened with the faith and belief in God! Pastor Milli has given people opportunities to change their lives around and accept what the Lord God can do for them. Today I feel, know, and believe that all things are possible through Christ Jesus from the help received from Christian Community Deliverance Church!”


-Tasson Billings-

“My name is Tasson Billings and I would like to share a brief life change testimony, a testimony moving from pain to peace! I was homeless living in the union gospel mission of St Paul Minnesota awaiting an intake interview to enter the residential program for a chance to start over again. Being homeless is not like any other normal lifestyle! It was intensive in fear, distrust, and desperation! I couldn’t find a comfort zone to heal from the emotional and physical wounds that followed me from childhood to adulthood. The pain of feeling worthless and not knowing who I was shrouded me on a daily basis! Though it seemed like my life was over somehow I was offered an invitation to attend a church setting! I did not want to go at first because I was unsure but I broke away my fears and attended the church and amazing things began to change in my life! I met the Pastor (Millie Sawyer) who offered me a place to stay and I was truly grateful and accepted the offer! The next week wonderful events started to unfold! I joined the church, Christian Community Deliverance church as a member, received counseling from the pastor and I began to unlock feelings of being in denial and resentful, I began to change into a compassionate and loving person I never knew I was. The pastor trained me and gave me a job as a home health attendee. I attend weekly bible studies and church services as well as community outreach projects. Life for me is now in the hands of God and in a place where I am receiving wisdom, knowledge, and leadership roles so I must say that I am grateful and thankful to God and pastor Millie for helping me to reshaping my life in the right direction!”

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